Enjoy The Monaco GP with Side Dishes

It is a city always ranked at the top of the must-visit-before-dying every year. As a racing fan, you know Monaco for the Grand Prix, which is the most glamorous event in the F1 calendar. The splendour and prestigious facilities just spice up the racing action. At the end of it all, you always go back home a refreshed person.

But even though you are travelling to the principality just to watch your favourite F1 team win, there is no reason why some side fun cannot be incorporated in your itinerary.

Well, you are in luck because you will not only watch Hamilton racing Rosberg neck-to-neck, but you will have more experiences to talk about when you fly back home.

Here are some ideas on how to juice out all the fun of Monaco during your visit for Formula One action:

  • Drive your dream car: Yes, if you are into racing then prestigious cars are always at the top of your mind. Just imagine driving in an Aston Martin or better still a Ferrari? You can either rent these vehicles and arrive in style or better still rent them in the city and drive around as you drink in the marvels around the region.
  • Get some peace of mind: Walking around Monte Carlo streets gives you an ethereal feeling. The green public gardens are a delight and as you wait for your favourite driver to finish practising, you can unwind by getting some exercise both for your mind and body. You can also visit the Jardin Exotique at the top of the hill and see a world-class collection of cacti.
  • Let your gaming spirit free: A little gambling never hurt anyone and in Monaco, you have the best casino in the world at the Place du Casino. Sample the essence of good living as you see celebrities you only fantasise about as they relax at their tables. The architecture of this casino will obviously overwhelm you.
  • The harbour: Famed as one of the best harbours in the world, it is definitely worth a tour. You will get an amazing view of the city, and the blue waters with bobbing yachts make this a spectacular place to take your photos.
  • Dine like royalty: When you are in a prestigious city like Monte Carlo, it doesn’t hurt to sample the cuisine. Luckily, you have some of the best chefs in the world crowded in this principality. Make sure you have an idea of the dish you want in outstanding places such as the Horizon Deck restaurant at Fairmont Hotel, and Yoshi, among others.

There is much more including an exhilarating nightlife, after parties and sightseeing to make your Monaco Grand Prix experience a delight.

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