It is Changes Galore for the 2015 Formula One

formula1When you buy a ticket to watch expensive machines roaring at crazy speeds what do you expect? Of course you want the noise; you want perfectly designed cars and well organized teams. For a long time, F1 has been struggling to retain fans, but Bernie Ecclestone has promised this time things will be better.

There were a lot of complaints last year raging from double points at Abu Dhabi to reduction of noise by using new turbo V6. So, what major changes will you expect to see when you sit to enjoy your favorite sport and cheer your preferred driver as they zoom past? Here are some highlights:

Technical Stuff

  • New calendar formation: The Autódromo Hermanos Rodríguez circuit, Mexico, is set for a return, and though Korea was also slated for a comeback, it was dropped. Essentially you have 20 thrilling races to enjoy starting with Melbourne, Australia, and ending with Yas Marina, Abu Dhabi.
  • No more ugly noses: This was one of the low points of the 2014 GP, but luckily new designs are now lower though they still have to be symmetrical with the centerline of the car. So, don’t expect a lot of those exciting designs that were already leaking online.
  • Less power units for drivers: This might at least level the ground, but essentially this has to do with a driver’s skill, so you might not even note it from the stands.
  • No more ‘Abu Double’ rigmarole: What motivated Ecclestone to come up with the idea in the first place? As a rule, there will be no double points at a final event. A sigh of relief for most drivers especially the leading ones.
  • Less pesky pit-to-car communication: If you are a keen F1 fan then you appreciate the frustration of drivers when they get crazy orders from the pit. Kimi Raikkonen was actually right when he once told off the engineer by telling him he knew what he was doing. There will be less communication and a total ban on sharing of technical data; this guarantees true racing.
  • Safety comes first: The Virtual Safety Car (VSF) has already been tested twice and it is a success because it will avoid a situation such as the unfortunate one that led to Bianchi’s accident at Suzuka, Japan. Standing restarts also fall under enhanced security by FIA.

Real Juicy Stuff

Why not look at the real people and machines that will be on the track? Here is a preview:

  •  Caterham and Marussia doubts: The entry list for 2015 set out by FIA has listed the teams though there is a rider so that the teams are monitored closely to ensure they can actually compete.
  • The engine convoluted games: Honda is making a comeback to F1 to supply McLaren with an ERS system and a stronger V6 engine. Lotus on the other hand replaced Renault with Mercedes as engine suppliers. Who is making the right moves? Only time on the track will tell.
  • ·         Musical chairs for drivers: The major moves were by Sebastian Vettel who went to Ferrari and Alonso who returned home to McLaren. Luckily, Jenson Button will not retire and will partner with Alonso. At Toro Rosso the pair of youngster Carlo Sainz Jr. and Max Verstappen will have the top seats, while Daniil Kvyat will try to fill Vettel’s shoes at Red Bull.
  • The super license debate: For safety reasons, among other considerations, a complicated process of licensing drivers is to be introduced, but luckily for the young drivers, like Verstappen, it will be implemented in 2016. Racing in minor formulas, among other tough rules, forms the crux of qualification criteria.

Now that Melbourne is about to set the ball rolling on 15th March, who are you vouching for? Whoever your favorite driver, it is obvious that this year will give you even more spicy action than what you witnessed at Monaco and Circuit de Spa-Francorchamps between Hamilton and Rosberg.

What’s more, you can bet Alonso and Vettel have some aces up their sleeves. Sit back, relax and enjoy  the ride of a lifetime.

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